Training workshop of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) in Ulm

On January 14, 2019, Shanghai General Hospital sent another core group of ten Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) experts, led by the Vice President, to Ulm for a four-day training workshop. 

Together with DKG, OnkoZert and CCCU (Comprehensive Cancer Center Ulm), Swiss International Health Care had previously organized the second detailed learning program on the establishment and certification of a CCC in Shanghai. Representatives of the German side included:

  • the head of the DKG certification department: Dr. Simone Wesselmann
  • the consultant for international certification of the DKG: Ellen Griesshammer
  • the auditors: Prof. Ralph Braun and Kay Kohlhaw
  • the director of OnkoZert: Andreas Kämmerle

Under the guidance of the German knowledgeable representatives, the Chinese experts gained a detailed understanding of CCC certification issues, including certification systems and processes, requirements catalog and data sheets, data management, and evidence-based guidelines. In addition, they also visited the CCCU and took the opportunity to gain a deep insight into the structure and management of the CCC.

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