Successful certification of colorectal cancer center at Shanghai General Hospital


After a year of certification inspections and reviews, the Colorectal Cancer Center at Shanghai General Hospital, a people's hospital affiliated with Jiaotong University, passed certification by the German Cancer Society and the independent certification body OnkoZert, respectively, on November 28, 2019, with the support of Swiss International Health Care. As a result, the colorectal cancer center could be put into operation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) and is the first organ cancer center in China certified according to German standards.

The successful certification of the colorectal cancer center at Shanghai General Hospital will serve as a model for the certification of other organ cancer centers in the future. Although the possibility of on-site visits has been limited by the current crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, project participants* have continued to communicate effectively through webinars and share real-time recommendations for cancer center certification and development. In this way, the official certification of breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, and prostate cancer centers also continues to progress in a rapid and structured manner.

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