Analysis and Certification of Colorectal Cancer Centre at Shanghai General Hospital

From 6th - 9th May 2019, Swiss International Health Care, EVO (Swiss Quality Consulting), DKG (German Cancer Society), and OnkoZert jointly organized the first on-site analysis for the Colorectal Cancer Centre of Shanghai General Hospital. Dr. Tanja Volm, Medical Consultant at EVO, was responsible for analyzing and certifying the colorectal cancer centre. Ellen Grißhammer, International Accreditation Coordinator at DKG, was responsible for the certification system and training. Dr. Rupert Fischer-Lampsatis, Gastroenterologist and Auditor, focused on data and training. The team conducted a detailed analysis of the Colorectal Cancer Centre at the Shanghai General Hospital one week after the investigation from the perspectives of organization, interdisciplinarity, diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, documentation, and examination results. On 8th May 2019, a certification training workshop took place at the hospital headquarters. The presenter gave detailed explanations and guidance on various topics of certification such as structure and key elements of certified cancer centres, catalogue of requirements (CoR), audit procedures, evidence-based guidelines for colorectal cancer and quality indicators. 

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