4th Shanghai International Cancer Conference

+3rd Sino-German Bilateral Forum on Liquid Biopsy

+7th Public Health Oncology Forum


Shanghai, China (October 14th - 16th, 2022)

Swiss International Health Care and Shanghai Demi Health assisted Shanghai General Hospital, who organized the 4th Shanghai International Cancer Conference, by inviting #UlrichKeilholz. He is the director of CharitéComprehensive Cancer Center (#CCC). At the conference Prof. Keilholz talked about #multiomics cancer profiling for clinical precision oncology programs.

The goal of the mentioned conference was and is to strengthen the academic exchange and communication about various #oncology topics in China as well as internationally. The organizers and participants want to promote in-depth development of basic, translational and clinical research in oncology.

Therefore, the conference covered a wide range of topics, such as:

#clinicalresearch and #translationalresearch

Swiss International Health Care and Shanghai Demi Health would like to thank everyone involved in this conference.

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